Balkanization of Mindanao

I am not a war monger and not about to fan one.

Yet, the government’s deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to seek peace is ironically causing the drum beatings for war.

War is coming.

Military, MILF rebels trade mortar fires in North Cotabato.

AFP prepared for untoward incidents in the south.

That’s what this unpopular government reaped for sowing the seeds of secrecy. In keeping major stakeholders in Mindanao out of the loop on the peace negotiations, the government has no one to blame but itself.

It created for all of us a huge problem in solving another. I refer to the long feared Balkanization of Mindanao as the indigenous peoples of Mindanao want no part in the Bangsamoro deal. That’s in addition to the opposition already expressed by a number of local governments. Balkanization refers to the division of a territory into often hostile units.

Will the government appease the lumads too with their own juridical entity in their ancestral lands? From where I sit and understanding fairness, the lumads have actually the prior rights to ancestral domains in Mindanao as its pioneer inhabitants.

6:37 a.m.


6 Responses to “Balkanization of Mindanao”

  1. elizabeth rhea lou Says:

    my family lives in mindanao. i live in manila and abroad occasionally. but there is never war in that place you mentioned. romp in beaches, play in the park, run in the streets, sing and gossip in the market, but i see no wars. did you? or do you? is davao war torn?

  2. taroogs Says:

    it’s so sad to see how greed, both local and foreign, has torn (and will further tear) this promised land apart. ka pete, what can the ordinary, peace-loving mindanaoan (muslim, christian, lumad) do in this critical moment of history?

  3. Engr. Dr. Says:

    Good for you, elizabeth.
    You got to see only the nice side of Mindanao. Travel to the heartlands and you will know what the other side is about. Better yet, ask the older residents of Davao. They might still remember the troubles during the 1960s, which may repeat considering the chaos our dear government has sown.

  4. Juan Rizal Says:

    Greetings Hon. Lavina. It’s an honor to post regarding Mindanao’s long disputes with the MILF. 1. Tracing history= Negritos is our ancestrial geneology like the other neighboring countries too. 2. We are called Filipinos during the Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese Colonizations. We fought as Filipinos, not Muslims nor Christians, to liberate our freedoms. Why We have to split now? 3. We already gave these ambitious rebels there chance before to govern ARMM regions but what have happened? Would giving them another expanded ARMM regions really put a forever stop to these so called War? I don’t think so. Mindanao is a huge undeveloped agricultural land why not the President herself ,who is an economists graduate from USA, thought of teaching rebels to develop and make the soils fertile instead wasting money on ammunitions and guns. and lastly, 4. If the government don’t want war. This should be over during the time of Ex. Pres. Estrada when the Gov’t troops almost captured all the camps of the rebels but what happened he was ousted but she immediately made truce so it wasted so much blood, money and time. Now the MILF and rebels are getting stronger. There might be some conspiracy to think as all the Generals appointed are now on different Gov’t posts. Mabuhay Filipinas. God Sped Filipinos.

  5. Lumad-descent Says:


    I can’t agree with you more! Before Christians and, yes, even Muslims came to Mindanao, the Lumads already inhabited Mindanao. The Lumads have FAR more rights to Mindanao than any Christian or Muslim. Just like the Aborigines and the Native American Indians, the Lumads are the original settlers of Mindanao, not the Bangsamoro.

    As a representative of the people, please raise the issue further. This deal of the national government is very unfair, ill-advised, definitely ILLEGAL and a potential for further hostilities.

    Thank you and best regards,
    A Mindanaoan of Lumad descent

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