Race to the pink house

I had a gooood laugh for my lunch today.

Paris Hilton is hot. Both as a celebrity and as an endorsed presidential bet.

Paint the White House pink? Wow! Real coooool white-haired dude!

If she were to crush Barack Obama and John McCain this November, she could be the second president to paint a presidential palace pink. The first was in Argentina where the old presidential residence is called the Pink House or Casa Rosada.

Here’s the picture I took of the pink palace from my cell phone at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires.

Evita Peron and Madonna were among the famous celebrities like Paris seen at the historic balcony of this most photographed building in Argentina.

If Bayani Fernando were to have his “Marikina Way” and wrest control of Manila’s Malacanang Palace in the 2010 elections, he could be the 3rd president to paint a presidential office pink.

Good enough for the bronze!

As a brown American, I would vote for Paris for her wit and common sense like her energy policy and choice of VP.

Yup, Rihanna is what Paris needs to cover her Pink House in Washington DC under an umbrella!

Ha ha ha!

12:47 p.m.

2 Responses to “Race to the pink house”

  1. warriorgani Says:

    hello sir, good day.
    naa ko’y blog tapos daghan ang mangayo ug tabang kay mayor kay naka-post man ko ug about sa gikan sa masa para sa masa. daghan kaayo ang nangayo ug tabang unta mahatagan sila ug pagtagad. tan-awa lang sa akong blog ang mga messages nila sir.

  2. Vice President « Peter Laviña New Blog Says:

    […] think I would stick to my first choice and go for the Paris-Rihanna […]

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