US hand in Mindanao

You might say I am stretching the issue of US involvement in Mindanao too far. But here are interesting views from respected columnists in Manila:

The untold realities of the MILF Pact by veteran media executive Billy Esposo; and

MILF proxy to international oil powers by nationalist economist Ding Lichauco.

And here are my previous posts:

A new kind of US military base – August 16, 2007;

GIs no fair game in Mindanao – September 2, 2007;

Defiant diplomat – February 22, 2008

The latter is about the visit of the US Ambassador Kristie Kenney to the “lion’s den” in the heartland of the Bangsamoro rebels in Mindanao in open defiance to the US State Department’s advisory against travel to troubled Mindanao. She was seen in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday where the signing of the peace accord on ancestral domain was supposed to take place.

I received this email yesterday from a Davaoeno in Las Vegas – who is the US supporting in the Mindanao War? He was not actually asking me a question. He was emailing me a copy of a previous article written by Billy Esposo of the same title – Who is the US supporting in the Mindanao War?

A letter of MILF founder Hashim Salamat to President George W. Bush was featured in this column piece. Esposo asked particularly “promoters of all-out war in Mindanao” to read it and “see the hidden dimensions of the current conflict.”

6:15 a.m.

3 Responses to “US hand in Mindanao”

  1. Davaoeno Says:

    Councilor, I got this very interesting letter from another blog discussion. Please see below,

    To all Mindanaoans and Filipinos concerned:

    Didn’t you ever wonder…

    …Why the U.S. removed the MILF from its terrorist list?

    …Why the U.S. Navy, Army and Marines still has a strong but quiet contingent in areas throughout Western Mindanao but never engages in any firefight with the MILF despite the close proximity?

    …Why Ambassador Kristie Kenney unnecessarily visited an MILF stronghold a few weeks ago?

    …Why the United States government wouldn’t allow the Philippines Armed Forces to go on a full scale war against the MILF?

    …Why the US goverment heavily invested in General Santos City’s infrastructure (international airport, highways, etc) without a clear source of return on capital expenditure?

    …Why a planned 3-part episode of Mike Enriquez’ Imbestigador covering the U.S. military’s and the CIA’s presence in Mindanao was cut short to only an episode a few years ago?

    …Why the powers that be (both the U.S. and Philippine governments) aren’t really serious in developing Mindanao?

    …Why the U.S. is strongly but quietly supporting this MOA-BJE?

    Hydrocarbons. Pure, unadulterated crude oil. The lifeblood of the developed nations. Without which, the economies of the first world will collapse.

    Sulu Sea has very abundant oil deposits under its seabed. Discovered by the Americans almost two decades ago, deliberate and cautious planning was done to maintain the instability the Americans needed to create misdirection while they drill the oil offshore.

    Oil is of the utmost strategic importance for both the American government and, to an extent, to the Philippine government. The MILF or the so called “war” in Mindanao is of no importance to the powers that be as long as drilling of oil is not interfered with.

    I hope this gives everyone a new and different perspective. I hope no one gets hurt. It’s just business.

    Thanks and best regards,

  2. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Peter, oil makes for big bucks. US wants it, does not want us to go to bed with the Chinese. Oil, discovered any where in this earth is immediately capped. Exploration is done for strategic control of the resource, not for the purpose of bringing the price down. The Philippines, with the kind of leaders we have, will be a pawn of the US or China, it all depends on the price offer. Juan and Maria will continue to remain poor. Wake up people!

  3. jun Says:

    What the purpose of MILF,why kiddnaped the 3 preson work in red cross??

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