First gold

4:20 p.m. Update

First male gold medalist

First male gold medalist

Young Chinese shooter Pang Wei became the first male athlete to win gold in Beijing. Its the second for the host to lead the medal tally. He won the Men’s 10m Air Pistol finals.

12:05 p.m. Update

Unofficial results at the Women’s 48Kg Weightlifting event saw a new Olympic Record for Chen Xiexia, and host China’s first gold medal.

10:58 a.m. Update:

It’s Katerina Emmons of the Czech Republic who struck the first gold in the Beijing Olympics. She vested 46 others in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle. China’s Du Li finished at a disappointing fifth.

First gold winner

First gold winner

I was way off my mark, just like the Philippines first competitor in trap shooting. Eric Ang was 2nd at the bottom after the first round.

Original Post:

As the competitions for the 2008 Beijing Olympics commence this morning, many are anticipating who would win the first gold.

I believe host China would take the first gold medal. Place your bets …

Chen Xiexia

Chen Xiexia

Chen Xiexia in the women’s 48Kg Weightlifting or …

Du Li

Du Li

Du Li in women’s 10m Air Rifle?

Weightlifting starts at 10 and Air Rifle at 1030. The results should be out very soon.

In men’s competitions, the first gold would be contested in Cycling’s Road Race, which reels off at 11. The event will start in Beijing and end at parts of the Great Wall. A total of 143 cyclists will answer the starting gun.

Eric Ang would be the first Filipino Olympian to see action in Men’s Trap Shooting Qualification, which just started.

9:07 a.m.

One Response to “First gold”

  1. monaco Says:

    Based on the latest 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count/Tally, China’s medal machine is showing no sign of loosening its grip on the top spot.

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