Down and out

Sorry folks, I was down with flu Sunday and Monday.

But that is not the reason I missed blogging. My net service in the house is out.

I failed to post yesterday too as I presided the City Council session. Vice Mayor Sara Duterte and Speaker Protempore Councilor Mabel Acosta were both on sick leave. In the afternoon, I led the final meeting for the Lumadnong Gama trade fair for the Kadayawan Festival next week.

I am at my City Council office right now posting this update. In a little while, I will be at the public hearing on system loss being charged on consumers by power utilities. In the case of the Davao Light & Power Co., we are probing reports that even the free electricity provided by the power company to its employees are being charged to system loss. If true, this is totally unfair for us consumers to be paying for this employee benefit.

This afternoon, I will represent Mayor Rody Duiterte at the formal opening of Western Wats call center at NCCC Mall.

Well, down and out but still alive and kicking! Thanks for the company!

9:12 a.m.


One Response to “Down and out”

  1. Marlita Quezon Says:

    Oh yes, if you are a regular employee of DLPC you enjoy free electricity, as to who pays for it., your guess is as good as mine.

    If there is a house in your neighborhood who does not open
    their windows, and there is no ELECTRIC METER ( which is not allowed by LAW )., chances are, the owner is an employee of DLPC., much more if you do not see any delivery of LPG since time immemorial

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