Holiday economics?

It’s another holiday in Davao today due to the Kadayawan Festival. This is the second non-working holiday since Monday, which marked Ninoy Aquino Day. This coming Monday, August 25, is also a non-working holiday to commemorate Heroes Day on August 30.

So, in the ten-day period between August 16 to 25, we have only three working days from August 19-21.

In spite of the festive Kadayawan atmosphere, however, I just feel lazy this whole time.

This so-called holiday economics of the national government is not doing us any good. It makes people idle, lazy, unproductive.

The rationale behind these many holidays is to give people time to travel and be tourists in their own land. Bright idea it seems except for one fatal flaw. People simply do not have money to travel. So, most just stay wasting time in their homes and earning nothing. We are definitely not contributing anything to the economy.

High time to review this policy.

7:20 a.m.


2 Responses to “Holiday economics?”

  1. Stanley Says:

    Sir Peter,

    I couldn’t agree more. I was reminded of the recent post I did in my blog on Proverbs 19:15 … indeed, “an idle person will suffer hunger”.


  2. eric Says:


    im going to davao tomorrow first flight. to cover the kadayawan festival…

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