List of naugthy, nice

Yehey, the “ber” months are here. September, October …

Christmas is just round the corner. Time to play Santa and start listing who’s naughty, who’s nice.

Let me start mine:


1. Jun Lozada, golfer, “probinsyanong Instik,” now an expert on Mindanao peace;

2. Joey de Venecia, bidding loser, soon to be congressional candidate

3. Engr. Adarna, owner of Queensland undertaking reclamation without permits

4. Bravo and Umbra Kato, MILF commanders



1. Grace Padaca, governor, RM awardee

2. Sotero Palabyab, war veteran, history teacher

3. Avel Manansala, blogger, organizer of MBS2

4. Wit Holganza, ICT advocate, organizer of BPO jobs fair


5:42 a.m.


2 Responses to “List of naugthy, nice”

  1. bariles Says:

    Hello councilor!

    Thanks for making me part of your Nice List. Thrilled po ako. Unfortunately, misspelled po ang name ko. Manansala po dapat. 🙂 Hehe.

    Will be sending your invitation soon sir.

  2. iceman9 Says:

    @ bariles

    sa gensan will be having a bloggers summit right? please invite me?? on october?

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