We could be disqualified in London 2012

I am leaving this morning for a two-day seminar at the Pearl Farm Resort off Samal Island. I would not be able to post tomorrow morning.

As chair of the City Council Committee on Trade, Commerce & Industry, I am leading a four-member City Council group to meet with officials of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the seminar supported by the Philippine-Australia Human Resource Development Fund on strengthening partnership and advocacy.

With me are Councilors Susabel Reta, chair of our Committee on Tourism, Tess Mata-Maranon, Committee on ICT, and Conrado Baluran, Committee on Agriculture and Food Security. These are the three priority focus areas of the Chamber.

In addition, I will also stand for Vice Mayor Sara Duterte in the opening rites.

Before leaving, I am worried about this developing news.

Remember the International Olympic Committee stripping Iraq of its membership just before the start of the Beijing Olympics? Well, the Philippines could go the same way.

Iraq was punished by the OIC because its US-coached government interfered in the affairs of its national Olympic body. The Philippines is doing the same.

This could lead to disastrous consequences given our expectation that losing candidates could cry foul and raise the issue of government meddling in the Philippine Olympic Committee elections.

The Philippines is already being likened to Iraq in terms of being home to tyrants – Marcos and Saddam, of being the 51st US State, of being world capitals of violence especially killings of journalists, etc. And soon, of being stripped of OIC membership!

The Malacanang Palace occupant is kissing our participation in the London Olympics goodbye!

5:36 a.m.


My apologies to those sending in their comments. I will reply to their many insights when I come back Friday night.


One Response to “We could be disqualified in London 2012”

  1. Allen O Says:

    Maybe we should be suspended. How big of a tragedy would it be for the country given the performance of the team in Beijing 08 ? Maybe the money and resources would be best be used for other pressing matters affecting our country. Maximize and celebrate our participation and triumph in the SE Asian Games and the Asian Games.

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