Admirable airline

Here’s another reason why Singapore Airlines is a class above the rest.

Starting today, it would reduce fuel surcharges on certain flights. Just when other major airlines are starting to squeeze passengers pocket dry with luggage fees, Singapore Airlines is rolling back on fuel levy as the price of crude oil plummets from its $147 per barrel highs last July.

Local carriers PAL and Cebu Pacific should follow this lead to be fair with their passengers.

4:55 a.m.

One Response to “Admirable airline”

  1. Allen O Says:

    Hello Peter,

    I wonder if their regional partner, SILKAIR is doing the same thing ? Silkair is such a great airline and being able to do your immigration and customs in Davao has to be best way to travel to the Philippines from abroad. Forget the mess at both NAIA international terminal and much more pleasant than entering Cebu. Too bad other foreign carriers arent in Davao yet. Whatever happened to Open Skies ?

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