School games

The University of Mindanao commenced with its annual Intramural Games yesterday. Before the opening parade, the faculty club at the College of Arts & Sciences held the induction of its new set of officers. I administered their oath.

Kudos to Prof. Randy Ponteras for the very active faculty club. Best wishes to all the competing teams. I am not sure which side to root. You see, I got involved with three departments at the university – Commerce, Engineering and Arts & Sciences.

Just after graduating from the Davao City High School in 1974, I joined the then Junior Executive Training (JET) program of UM for working scholars. I was assigned as an assistant to the Dean of the College of Commerce. When I finally enrolled for my course, I took up Mechanical Engineering. But after being active in campus politics, I shifted to Political Science at the College of Arts & Sciences.

I did enjoy my life in college where I met friends who are still very much in touch with today. In fact, I just read the emails of my college buddies Rafael “Nikki” Gomez and Henrylito Tacio, two of our best campus writers back then. Both pursued careers in writing. And both are accomplished in the game.

At lunch today, I am attending a conference called by Philippine Sports Commission chair Butch Ramirez regarding the proposed Children’s Games in November. Part of the grassroots sports program of the PSC, the national games for children in elementary schools is planned to be held in Davao City.

We’re hoping to scout our future Olympians in this proposed Children’s Games. Wish us luck.

6:41 a.m.

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