Supplemental budget No. 2

The executive department has submitted to the City Council its proposed Supplemental Budget No. 2 and it is now under deliberation by the Committee on Finance headed by Councilor Myrna Dalodo Ortiz.

Major sources for the additional budget is the Landbank loan of P114 million against the internal revenue differential for calendar years 2001 and 2004, reversions of P99 million and new IRA shares of P9.8 million.

The big ticket appropriations are personnel services that include the 10 percent salary increase effective July 2008 – P28 million; cash gift – P42 million; and adjustments in contract of services – P55.5 million.

Peace and order at P30 million; garbage hauling services at P23 million; streetlighting at P11 million and canal and drainage at P10 million eat up most of the other services.

Other interesting items include P5.4 million for the “wireless wide area network” at the City Treasurer’s Office; P3.5 million for the Kadayawan; P2.5 million for tourism promotions; P1.8 million additional gasoline at the City Council; and P800,000 for the newly created Local Housing Board.

The committee hearing on the proposed budget is open to the public for those interested to know more.

3 Responses to “Supplemental budget No. 2”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Peter, why the Land Bank loan for the IRA? Did someone not point out that the DBM is supposed to release this without any further delay as it is mandated by a law? As I understand it, the Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue of the releases of IRA. Can our three congressmen do something about this? Or is the city not in speaking terms with them?

  2. arnel Says:

    hello mr peter, maayong adlaw. I will not comment on the IRA ’cause Mr G’s comment is clear. Would just like to ask the utility of the 5.4M budget for the wireless WAN in the Treasure’s office. Is there a study saying that WLAN increases productivity vs the cabled LAN? Do people had to carry their laptops or workstations to perform their function/s? Comment lang? Could that money be used in more important things?

  3. City Council oks wage hike, cash gifts « Peter Laviña New Blog Says:

    […] Related story – Supplemental Budget No. 2 […]

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