EO Fuentes, 84

Eleuterio O. Fuentes, more popularly known as EO, passed away yesterday. He was 84.

EO taught English and Literature when I was in college at the University of Mindanao more than 30 years ago. I was not lucky to sit at his classes because I was at the Engineering Department. But I frequently met him at the Bolton campus because he headed the Publication Office of the university. We did not have a student newspaper at that time due to martial law. But budding campus writers mingled around his office and learned many things from him including photography. In our company were the likes of Jojo Santes, Nikki Gomez, Jimmy Cabrera, Dibay Garcia, Cecille Muñoz and Henrylito Tacio.

EO was softspoken yet his students enjoyed his Ilongo charm, wit and humor.

Christine Rizardo Omar of the Ateneo de Davao Univeristy School of Governance was once his student assistant.

I crossed path again with EO when I started to write for local newspapers where he also contributed articles. We also met at printing presses where we both published newsletters and edited local newspapers. He was industrious and prolific.

Our third encounter was many years later when my wife, Evelyn, became active in the floriculture industry. EO was likewise a horticulture enthusiast and in spite his advancing age, he was doing PR work for the group around FIDI, the floriculture industry association.

The main material I used as backgrounder for the City Council Resolution in 2001 proposing to name Waling-waling as the new national flower was written by EO.

My wife served as FIDI’s 3rd president in 2002. EO and Evelyn worked together on many projects and publications of FIDI. EO was already suffering from bouts of broncho pneumonia during this time. My wife often told me that EO has limited his activities to writing and making sure the printing presses finished their publications on time.

I am not sure if he has pending work at the presses. Its truly sad to think though that he has already written 30. He was a hardworker until his last breath.

2 Responses to “EO Fuentes, 84”

  1. christine omar Says:

    Dear Pete:

    I am truly saddened with the news….. may I know where the wake is? I Know that he stays at the Teacher’s Village at Ulas but I don’t have his address…

    EO was truly a blessing to Davao City as he touched and was part of a lot of lives – mine, yours, Boy Pena, Tony Ajero, Gil Abarico, Loreto Tinititigan, Menchie Avancena, Freddie Salanga, Dado Mahipus, my fellow UM Promotions and Publications Office staff (Myrna Fuentes, Aladie Alavata, Joy Delfin, Randolph Gales, Geralyn Velasco ) and the hundred of students he had mentored, and more…. the Tesoro printing press team (danny, bembot, al, linda) … the UMBN guys ( Mike Balbin Jr and Sr., Leo Avila, Eddie Rosete, Rene Lumawag)

    He was also University Registrar for sometime…

    He is champion of the literary and visual arts. – poetry, short stories, drama. photography.

    I refused to go on photo coverage sessions as he constantly remind me that when one take pictures, the act of taking photos should also be expressed in your body language – which at that time sounded OA and embarrasing to me…. as he says that I have both a frontal and behind look advantage, hahahaha!

    We even wrote a series of bagobo and manobo dance suites for the Filipiniscas Dance Troupe which was initiated by Leonor Goquingco Orosa. We attended every tribal festival for three years!

    And oh how he love orchids… photos in all sizes and color shades…live and stills!

    I would like to see all his work of art – in an exhibit…. photographs of people, events and places of the past… We can initiate this huh?

    Great Man, Great Mind… Great Legacy.,, he will be truly missed.

  2. Peter Says:

    Jimmy Cabrera also wrote how EO helped him when he was applying for his Youth for Southeast Asia Tour. Interment would be on Wednesday 2 pm at Assumption Church from Angel Funeral then Davao Memorial Park
    Yup we should help mount an exhibit of his works at UM

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