Radical reform

Five bishops appeared at a forum Tuesday to denounce ills in our society and called for “radical reforms” and “change of government.”

Speaker Boy Nogie described the bishops’ move as “dangerous.”

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said it borders on “sedition.”

On the other hand, Chief Justice Reynaldo Puno threw his support to the bishops.

It’s not really hard where to place our bets on this new game in town.

I wonder, however, what blinded the bishops from seeing the truth during the past seven years when most Filipinos were already denouncing graft and corruption and clamoring for change.

That is the whole trouble with these new “liberators.”

Their credibility seems suspect because they have been a part and parcel of all the mess we are in. Bishops supported the ouster of Erap in the so-called People Power 2 that placed Gloria at Malacanang; they have a massive vote-watch machinery that witnessed massive cheating in the 2004 and 2007 elections and yet did not raise any howl; during the impeachments against Gloria for abuse of power, corruption, etc., they chose the convenient path not to take side and thereby signaled tolerance for the patent abuses of the administration.

Well, now, they are parroting all what most people have been cursing all these years.

I am sorry that I am pessimistic about their crusade. The bishops are not only late. Their indecision in the past has taken its toll on the nation. And I have not heard of any repentance from them. Radical reforms in our society should not be limited to government but must also include the church and other sectors and institutions.


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