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Here’s a comment sent to us through the contact page.

Hi Pete,

I just heard the news about the plan of converting the Artica Dome into a crematorium cum mausoleum? Is this true? This proposal, despite the high propobability that the facility will collapse should an earthquake start to wiggle it?

The notion that “it is OK to be turned into a place for the dead , after all – they are dead – in case it collapses, it’s OK because inside it are dead already” , is DISGUSTING.

A decent and moral society is judged on how it treats those who cannot defend themselves. The ultimate moral decay of society is reached when that society cannot even pay proper respects for the dead.

I hope you will put a sense out of this mess when this issue comes into your turf in the City Council.

If the place if indeed unsafe, there are only two options: structural strengthening/earthquake proofing (which is what builders in Wellington are doing to almost all high-rise building in this city. as you may know, Wellington (and perhapd the whole of NZ, is in a fault line too.), and demolition of the entire facility.


Banjo Roxas
Wellington, New Zealand

I myself was surprised by this suggestion. The donation of the land for the dome stipulated that it be used for a sports facility, so it is not possible to convert it for other purposes. In fact, the family that donated the land had an immediate unfavorable reaction to the proposed crematorium.

If ever the Mayor would change his mind on this facility, the best thing to do it to retrofit it as you have suggested. Mayor Rody Duterte mothballed this project due principally to safety concerns.


One Response to “Comment from NZ”

  1. Yvon Thea Says:

    Where is this Artica Dome? Is this the building along Ma-a Diversion Road? Is this the controversial building built during the term of House Speaker Prospero Boy Nograles when he was a mayor of Davao City?

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