Off to Cebu

Im off to Cebu this early morning.

Be back in Davao Monday night.

Just in time for the meeting of the Dabaw Kaisa, the Tsinoy Association, which is preparing for the inauguration of the Unity Arch at the end of Magsaysay Avenue on January 29, Chinese New Year next year.

The new arch will complement the Friendship Arch at the other end of the main street in Davao’s Chinatown.

One Response to “Off to Cebu”

  1. datu bago Says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Regarding Chinatown sir maganda sana kung ma suggest mo sa Tsinoy Association na yung ma lumang bldg. ay irepaint or i demolish na but retain those old and heritage ones just a little reparing but wooden and dilapated structures should go it’s not only sore but pose great danger of collapsing and fire hazards . Chinatown is now attracting alot of people and it will attract more if those bldgs. are nice to see.


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