1st City Council Session for 2009

Here are the items up for today’s first regular session of the City Council for this year:

Invocation – Councilor Diosdado Angelo A. Mahipus (2nd Distrct);

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading of the minutes of the December 15 and December 16 sessions;

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 8 items

Third & Final Reading – 2 Items

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 6 Items, e.g. Item No. 1019 – Proposed take over by the City Government of the Tibungco District Hospital; Item No. 1511 PALC of Alsons for Norfolk Place located at Eden, Toril District containing an area of 9 hectares; Item No. 1596 PALC of Alsons for Northcrest Expansion located at Cabantian, Buhangin District containing an area of 40 hectares;

Second Reading (New Items) – 10 Items, e.g. Item No. 1298 Letter of Mini-Forest Homeowners and Neighborshood Association re award of parcel of land situated at Isla Verde; Item Nos. 1138, 1178, 1201, 1263 applications for accreditation as people’s organizations and cooperatives


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