Rebates for bad service

Kudos to Speaker Boy Nogie for proposing measures to protect and compensate consumers from erring public utility providers.

Read his proposal here and here is what they do in Australia.

I hope Nogie is serious on this idea. He has in the past floated many bright ideas but it appears they were only for pogi points.

2 Responses to “Rebates for bad service”

  1. Blogie Says:

    On the face of it, it’s a very worthy measure by the national government. I just hope it’s not another ruse or gimmick…

  2. jojo mamhot Says:

    It’s good that the proposed rebates/refund are required within a few hours of “non-service”. In fact inconvenience and economic losses due to said “non-service” are sometimes non-quantifiable.

    What happened in Darwin, Australia is almost similar to BayanTel’s “P500 Rebate for at least 24 hours of non-serveice/disconnection”. Paano naman kasi pag and internet shop mo walang connection for 23 hours. Eh, walang rebate pero nalugi ka na, na-inconvenience ka pa.

    Congratulations to the Speaker!

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