Big bang on May 9


Local fair trade advocates opened a mini-fair at the Matina Town Square yesterday to prepare for the big bang on May 9 to mark the World Fair Trade Day.

Activities for the mini-fair includes a forum, product exhibits and demonstrations and an evening concert.

Thanks to Katakus, an award-winning micro-enterprise NGO and volunteers of the UK-Philippines Global Xchange for organizing the mini-fair.

Join the big bang on May 9 by beating drums against poverty, against the global economic crisis and against climate change.

2 Responses to “Big bang on May 9”

  1. teresa Says:

    Hello Peter

    So good to see you actively promoting BIG BANG!! (just a quick comment: it’s written in caps ending with 2 !!). Have you registred the event on the site? Any questions you might have, feel free.
    Thank you!
    Regards, Teresa

  2. teresa Says:

    Hi Peter

    How can we get the senator Mar Roxas promoting BIG BANG!!-WFTD in May? Can you tell me mpore about his programme? You had a picture signing on a board. would be interesting to knwo more. Salamat!


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