Car plates

No. 17 has just been issued as protocol car plate numbers for metropolitan, municipal and sharia court judges.

I am sure that soon there would be car plate numbers too for governors, mayors, and local legislators, just among other so-called VIPs in RP.

So, who are these kings of the road?

1 – President

2 – Vice President

3 – Senate President

4 – Speaker of the House

5 – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

6 – Cabinet Secretaries

7 – Senators

8 – Members of Congress

9 – Associate Justices of the Supreme Court

10 – Members of the Court of Appeals

11 – Chairman of the Commission on Elections

12 – Cabinet Undersecretaries

13 – Solicitor General

14 – Chief of the AFP and PNP

15 –

16 – Regional Trial Court Judges

I searched the internet for the No. 15 to no avail. The issuance of these protocol plates started in 1959.

Senator Nene Pimentel filed a bill last year in an attempt to end this practice,  which he termed as “smacks of delusions of grandeur.”

I fully agree with him.

2 Responses to “Car plates”

  1. Blogie Says:

    I agree as well!

  2. Guillermo Prat Says:

    And while you are working to get those plates cancelled, how about going after all the private vehicles with blinking lights and wang wangs. Seems that the number has increased in the last two months, or am I just being paranoid? Dami talga Peter.

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