Araw ng Dabaw

The agro-trade fair of the Araw ng Dabaw celebration opened yesterday at the grounds of SM Mall.

Here are some fotos of the event organized by the Floriculture Industry of Southern Mindanao, Davao Floriculture Industry, Inc. and Orchid Society of Davao.



Vicky Jimenez of FICSMIN, Councilors Peter Lavina and Susabel Reta, Abdullah Aquino of OSD, and Sally Luenberger of FIDI, among the guests who led the ribbon cutting.


Mutya ng Dabaw finalists join leaders of the floriculture industry of Davao.


The five beauties with me and my wife Evelyn, VP for Agribusines of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. One of the finalists at left is Vanessa Ruth “Barbie” Q. Chan, niece of my high school classmate, Leony Quinonez, a nurse working in New York.


2 Responses to “Araw ng Dabaw”

  1. my-sitta Says:

    Hi. I just watched the same show last night. Wow, huh? Very moving. I did a search using the katakana for Sawada Miki and found some pages, then thought this morning to try “Elizabeth Sanders Home” in English. I have to go to work soon, but I found one hit from an adoption forum in 2003, a lady whose husband was adopted from that home in 1973 and was looking for info on it. I’m sure she has found out more in the 5 years since, but hard to believe that even in 2003 info was hard to come by!

    She should be called the Mother Teresa of Japan, don’t you think?

  2. Pam Says:


    I understand this is the same group who is spearheading the Agro-Trade Fair for the Kadayawan this Aug 2009. May I know their email address, the contact persons and their contact numbers?

    I am interested to participate as exhibitor in the said event.

    Thank you.

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