Millennium Baby

Remember our search for Davao’s Millennium Baby at the start of year 2000?

Well, the baby is now an 8-year old healthy and bright boy. He was born closest after the strike of midnight on January 1 and vested five others born minutes into the new millennium.

As chair of the city’s Millennium celebration in 1999-2000, I kept track of the young boy.

When he turned 5, I asked NCCC Mall for a special gift. And so on New Year’s Day, his birthday three years ago, the mall treated him and his family to free movies, snacks and rides and games at Timezone.

When he started school, I asked the Holy Child School of Davao, one of the best in the city, for a scholarship. He’s doing good at school I am told.

Belated happy birthday to Patrick Mille Ortiz!

To-do list

Here’s my priority to-do list for this year:

1. Finish constructing our new house;

2. Advance key advocacies, i.e., participatory governance, alternative energy, consumer protection, livelihood promotion, and my other projects at the City Council;

3. Man the house. My wife Evelyn would be busy this year as she starts to sit at the board of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry;

4. Help revitalize the Liberal Party in the Davao Region

(6:10 p.m.)


Happy New Year!

(7:14 a.m.)

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A good year

I bid goodbye to 2007 and welcome the new year.

The year had been good to me. I got re-elected to the City Council, advanced many advocacies, stayed healthy in spite of my stomach problems, and started to build a new house.

I am hopeful for more luck in 2008.

Cheers to you all!

(6:44 a,m,)

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Golden day

Today is my birthday, my golden day in my golden year. Yup I am 50 years old today!

Glad that this day is devoted as Bloggers Against Abuse Day.

My wish: Stop the abuses and liberty for the people of Myanmar.

Incidentally, today is also the founding anniversary of the National League for Democracy, the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

Off to Manila

I am leaving for Manila this morning to attend the conference of the Governmental Affairs Committee of Akbayan (September 5-6), the legislative workshop of members of the Davao City Council which will be held in Makati (September 6-8), and the Philippine Travel Mart (September 7-9).

Not sure really if I can post in my blog.

(4:47 a.m.)

I’m 163

My nine-year old son just woke up. This reminded me that I am 163.

That’s bantay bata for you Maria or nanny for you George.

Ha, ha, ha! You could not believe a busy person like me could be doing this task.

My wife Evelyn left for Manila, Bangkok and Shanghai for a business trip last Wednesday. So, for the next two weeks I am the housekeeper.

It’s really no problem with me. I can do all those stuff I learned from my mother when I was a teen – laundrying and ironing, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, putting the kid to bed and other house chores. I do these even if Evelyn is around. There are many occasions when she is busier than me and so I take charge of the house.

My only problem?

Teach our three teenage kids to do the same. Teens these days are different. (6:03 a.m.)