In your face!

During the many debates on the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), its proponents promised us that the country would be treated well by Japan with this pact. And that we will gain much in trade, aid and investments, among other things.


What is this P1.3 billion loss?

This clearly shows that the Philippines is not a favored nation in spite of the JPEPA as Tokyo cuts its aid to Manila next year.

Time to make those who voted for JPEPA accountable. Remember them on May 10, 2010.

LP riding on moral high

The First Gentleman attacks the Liberal Party in his futile attempt to defend the Ombudsman.

Well, that’s really good for the party. This positions the party on the side of good governance, anti-corruption and for the welfare of the people. That is, in contrast to the Gloria administration that has become the shame of the nation.

This also reinforces the designation by the COMELEC in the 2007 elections that the LP being the dominant opposition party in the country.

In the forthcoming 2010 elections, the LP rides on the moral high ground as the party for good governance and anti-corruption ranged against the administration and other trapos.

Incidentally, I was with Rep Erin Tanada, House LP head, here in Davao last month when he received a call from Manila about plans to file an impeachment case against the Ombudsman. So, it is not correct that this impeachment was filed as a reaction to the Ombudsman case filed last week against former Rep. Neric Acosta of Bukidnon.

Among the 1st to sign up


Yup, here’s proof that I was one of the first to sign up for Mar in 2010. This was taken Tuesday night at the launch of the “Unang Daan” or the first hundred partisans for Senator Mar Roxas held at the Clubhouse at the Araneta Center in Cubao.

Cabinet men seeking Congress posts

Our New Year’s Day post is in the news today.

I would be back to my usual round of meetings starting today. At 2  pm at the Davao City Sports Council, Inc. to take up among others the 1st Vic Sai Sports Journalism Awards, and at 6 pm at the Dabaw Kaisa Foundation which is spearheading the Chinese New Year celebration in the city.

During the holiday break, I learned that a number of cabinet secretaries are planning to run for congressional seats in 2010. Is this a definite sign the Palace occupant is finally giving up hope for any extension?


Among those reportedly seeking Congress posts are Press Secretary Jess Dureza and Cabinet Secretary Bebot Bello III in the 1st District and 3rd District of Davao City, respectively; Aggie Secretary Arthur Yap in Bohol, and PMS Head Cerge Remonde in the South Cebu District.

In your face!

Talk of doublespeak.

The Arroyo administration has just thrown out the window its austerity program. In proposing a P1.4 Trillion budget for next year, it has likewise renege on its promise to balance the budget.

Liar, liar, liar!

The current economic crisis is the convenient excuse of Malacanang to ask for a 15 percent increase in its budget in 2009. My suspicion is shared by many. The increase in the budget next year is meant – not to prop up the economy – but to fatten the war chest of the administration in the 2010 elections.

Oh, I can hear the trapos (traditional politicians) singing “the good times are here again!” ironically at a time when the number of poor families are rising.

The call of the government to tighten our belts and live simply in these times of difficulties is pure hogwash.

At the Senate, there is also a disturbing change of tune. Where before Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was batting for a side agreement on the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Pact (JPEPA), now she is about to lead the second surrender of the Philippines to Japan. Her beef – hard to educate people who are afraid of the unknown. The feisty lady, staunch defender of the Constitution and candidate for the International Court of Justice, is giving up! This is harakiri!

In your face! Liar, liar, liar!

(Sorry I lost the URL for the proper attribution, and I am not lying)

(Sorry I lost the URL for the proper attribution, and I am not lying)

6:01 a.m.

Lakas is weak

The ruling Lakas party has come out with a “wish” list of probable senatorial candidates for 2010.

I call it a “weak” list.

Bereft of a viable presidential bet and short of funds that it cannot even hold its national directorate meeting, its list of “senatoriables” is a so-so line up of weaklings on a national campaign. A number of them may be provincial heavyweights like Congressmen Raul del Mar of Cebu and Simeon Datumanong of Maguindanao but I doubt if they can be considered the same on a nationwide scale.

The other 3rd-term members of the Lower House in the list are even worse, Ed Zialcita of Paranaque, Prospero Nograles of Davao, Arthur Defensor of Iloilo.

The experience of Prospero Pichay should give them wise lessons.

Lakas’s other bets include QC mayor Sonny Belmonte and Milagros Magsaysay of Zambales, and reelectionist senators Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid. Of the two movie stars, the former might win again but the latter I doubt.

Belmonte, who is tipped as a presidential material could suffer an image problem if he slides down to the senate. Milagros Magsaysay would have a problem as a more famous namesake Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. is set to return to the Upper House.

As in the 2007 elections, the admin line up is in for a drubbing.

(8:12 a.m.)

Wanted 2010 bets

The ruling party has finally started its search for its standard bearer in 2010.

Two Metro Manila mayors, Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City and Bayani Fernando of Marikina, now the head of the Metro Manila Development Authority, are currently shortlisted.

The Lakas-NUCD is searching for one who has the following criteria:

Popularity, charisma, track record, integrity, leadership, competence and vision.

Looks to me that the seven requirements fit Liberal Senator Mar Roxas.

(5:28 a.m.)