Sunday quiz 6

When the Swede wrestler protested his defeat and refused his bronze medal at the podium last Thursday, his anger was directed at the “bunch of fatsos” at the judges table.

Perhaps unknown to him, however, it that the medal is not just bronze, or gold and silver. The Chinese hosts have incorporated jade in the reverse side of the medals, thus, making the medals an unprecedented piece of jewelry. And to host China and to many Asian countries, jade represents “honor and virtue.” My own necklace and ring are both made of this “stone of heaven.”

His refusal to accept the medal was a slap on the face not just on the International Olympic Committee but to the host nation as well. Truly an unfortunate incident.

Here is your chance to hand out your own medals … which blogs are the most insightful, interesting, sexy or wacky. Click the medal and send them to the winners … eerrr preferably not a wrester from Sweden!

7:38 a.m.


Sunday quiz 5

The opening pageant at the Beijing Olympics showcased 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. Awesome.

Here I took a quiz to know what ancient civilization I am.

“You would be a great citizen of Roman society.”

I fared the same as 3 percent of those who tried this quiz. Test yours and have fun!

6:40 a.m.

Sunday quiz 4

You won’t believe this because I could not believe it myself.

Yup, I took this test just for fun only to discover I’m a Universal Genius. Whatever that is. Have fun yourself with this and other quizzes here.

Visit the genuine genius here.

Sunday quiz 3

What weather are you?

I tool this quiz and I got the same answer as a fourth of those who did the same (25%):

Downpour Donnie

The rain is the perfect place for you. Whether the rain is giving you an excuse to stay inside or it’s cooling you off outside, wet is nice and water is your friend. Downpour or drizzle, rain is the weather for you!

Take the quiz. Its fun!

6:54 a.m.

Sunday quiz 2

I took this blog quiz to find out the film rating of my blog. Here’s the result:

Only the word “poop” was distasteful in my posts. Ha ha ha!

For real film ratings, use this helpful tool. I checked Hellboy II, Hancock and The Dark Knight and all were PG 13.

5:36 a.m.

Sunday quiz

Do I write or talk too much?

Nah, my posts contain only on average 68 words!

4:25 a.m.