Blog anniversary

It’s our blog anniversary today. We’re 1 year old! Horrayyyy!

Thank you so much for your visits, your comments and your links to our blog and posts. Without you, this blog is nothing. Here are our milestones:

Incidentally, here are fitting gifts for our anniversary. We reached the following highs yesterday – No. 2 in Top Blogs Philippines and No. 5 in Top Blogs (US), both in Political Categories:

Salamat! Big thanks to all of you!

4:03 p.m.

Blog rank

Time to say thank you once again to our faithful readers and visitors. Daghang salamat. Thank you very much!

Since I returned to active blogging the past month and renewed my listing in some blog directories, here’s how we fared in the Politics Category of the following:

No. 13 in the Top of Blogs

No. 3 in Blogs on Top, and

No. 3 too at the Top Blogs Philippines.

Yehey! When my blog went inactive for about a month last May, my stats went awful. Now, they have improved considerably. Congratulations everyone!

4:06 a.m.