Four way test for Jocjoc

The truth will set him free.

Yup, only by spilling the beans would former agriculture undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante be able to free himself from all the troubles he has created for himself. Tagged as the brains behind the P700 million fertilizer scam, Jocjoc fled to the US in 2006 to escape a Senate inquiry on the misuse and plunder of the public money meant for our farmers but ended up reportedly to fund the election of you-know-who in 2004.

His efforts to seek political asylum in the land of milk and honey failed. He languished instead in immigration cells in the US and would soon be deported back here to face the music.

A top Rotary International official, Jocjoc should tell all about the scam.

The Rotary four way test, which have been translated to 100 languages, might help him recollect how the devious scheme worked.

This is not the official Tagalog version:

Is it the Truth? Totoo bang may scam na naman tayo?

Is it Fair to all concerned? Lahat ba tayo kasali diyan?

Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships? Wala bang masasagasa-an diyan?

Will it be Beneficial to all concerned? Magkano akin diyan?

11% not sure

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I have no doubt that this Yehey poll reflects what most Filipinos believe about “cash gifts” being given to politicians by the Malacanang occupant.

What concerns me is the 11 percent who seemed to be in Enchanted Kingdom and not rooted in Pinas realpolitik.

Hoy gising!

(7:44 a.m.)

Moral leadership?