City gives aid to Luzon flood victims

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called for a special emergency session of the Davao City Council yesterday afternoon to appropriate funds to help victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila and Luzon.

Twenty of 27 members of the City Council showed up in the hastily arranged emergency session and approved P10 million in cash assistance to the Philippine National Red Cross.

The Mayor also donated the equivalent of his one month salary and the councilors present followed his lead. The total amount is more than P10.5 million. He directed the city’s chief of police Chief Supt. Ramon Apolinario to fly the cash this morning so that PNRC can buy food, water and other needs to help the flood victims.

The City Government and Davaoenos also extended help in the past like those struck by calamities in northern Mindanao, Leyte and Samar.

City Council Output

Here are some interesting stats on the performance of the City Council in 2008 (January to November). The four session of December were not yet included:

Total Number of Sessions – 47

Total Number of Public Hearings – 292

Total Number of Ordinances – 103

Total Number of Resolutions – 983

Total Number of Ordinances Published in Local Papers – 10

Total Number of Ordinances Posted in Public Places – 98

Total Number of Ordinances Translated into Local Dialect – 90

Total Number of Resolutions Translated into Local Dialect – 525

Resolution & Ordinance Tracking System (1956 – Present) – 63,686 Records – Encoded 89%; Proofread 73%

Nov. 4 City Council Agenda

Calendar of Business of the 40th Regular Session today of the City Council:

Invocation – Councilor Samuel B. Bangoy (2nd District)

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Oct. 28 Session

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 18 Items – Nos. 1525 – 1544, e.g. Item No. 1525 – Letter request of Leonora D. Lim for favorable endorsement for their application for reclamation with the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) for their beach resort at Times Beach; Item No. 1528 – Proposed resolution for the inspection, rehabilitation and installation of fire hydrants in strategic areas of the city; Item No. 1535 – Proposed resolution to enact an Ordinance providing guidelines for queuing of passengers of public utility vehicles in specified public places in Davao City;

3rd & Final Reading – Item No. 1018 – Reclassification of 28.6 hectares from agricultural to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande;

Committee of the Whole – Item No. 1025 – PALC of Palm Grove at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 13.6 hectares; Item No. 1207 – PALC of Positano Subdivision at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 19.3 hectares

Unfinished Business – Item No. 875-B – Request for tax exemption by the Samahan ng mga Musikeros sa Davao, Inc.

2nd Reading (Deferred Items) – 9 Items

2nd Reading (New Items) – 5 Items, e.g. Requests for tax exemption for concerts/shows – Item No. 1287 – Ambon, Ulan, Baha featuring actor Tommy Abuel; Item No. 1311 – Laugh out loud featuring Arnel Ignacio and giselle Sanchez; and Item No. 1449 – Jose Mari Chan concert

City Council oks wage hike, cash gifts

Sorry, no net at the house again this morning.

The City Council approved on 2nd Reading the Supplemental Budget No. 2 during our special session this morning. It contained P262 million, the bulk of which went to personnel services to fund the 10 percent salary adjustment for city government employees and additional compensation for job order contractuals.

We also approved cash gifts – P5,000 for Christmas and P2,000 for New Year for plantilla personnel and P2,000 for Christmas and P1,000 for New Year for contractuals.

Related story – Supplemental Budget No. 2

Note: The Davao Trade Expo (DATE 2008) will open tomorrow at the Davao Convention & Trade Center. Close to 200 exhibitors will showcase various products and services. There are also business matching, livelihhood opportunity seminars and jobs fair. The 3-day event is hosted by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported by many local and national agencies and corporate sponsors.

2:31 p.m.

Sept 9 City Council Agenda

Invocation – Hon. Jose Louie P. Villafuerte (3rd District);

National Anthem; City March;

Roll Call;

Reading of the Minutes of the September 2 session;

Privilege Hour;

First Reading – Items No. 1380 to 1395 (16 Items) e.g. Item No. 1380 – Proposed Ordinance on energy-efficiency and energy conservation program for the City of Davao; Item No. 1389 – Proposed Code of General Ordinances of Davao City; Item No. 1392 – Application for Development Permit of Villa Azalea located at Barangay Maa containing an area of 3.1 hectares; Item No. 1395 – Proposed construction of slaughterhouses in strategic areas of the city;

Third & Final Reading – Item No. 942, Item No. 1057, both reclassification of agricultural lands to residential zones located in Barangay Catalunan Grande and Bunawan, respectively;

Unfinished Business (Committee Report) – Item No. 1018 reclassification of agricultural land to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 7 Items; e.g. Item No. 271 – Proposed Ordinance on iron-fortification of rice; Item No. 791 – Request by the Confederation of Grains Retailers Association for a moratorium in the implementation of the rice-fortification program;

Second Reading (New Items) – 12 Items, e.g. Item No. 1313 – Application for Preliminary Approval of Location Clearance for Victors’ Executive Homes located at Barangay Cabantian containing an area of 2.4 hectares; Item No. 1314 – Application for PALC for Victors’ Heights Subdivision at Barangay Magtuod containing an area of 1.2 hectares;

We could be disqualified in London 2012

I am leaving this morning for a two-day seminar at the Pearl Farm Resort off Samal Island. I would not be able to post tomorrow morning.

As chair of the City Council Committee on Trade, Commerce & Industry, I am leading a four-member City Council group to meet with officials of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the seminar supported by the Philippine-Australia Human Resource Development Fund on strengthening partnership and advocacy.

With me are Councilors Susabel Reta, chair of our Committee on Tourism, Tess Mata-Maranon, Committee on ICT, and Conrado Baluran, Committee on Agriculture and Food Security. These are the three priority focus areas of the Chamber.

In addition, I will also stand for Vice Mayor Sara Duterte in the opening rites.

Before leaving, I am worried about this developing news.

Remember the International Olympic Committee stripping Iraq of its membership just before the start of the Beijing Olympics? Well, the Philippines could go the same way.

Iraq was punished by the OIC because its US-coached government interfered in the affairs of its national Olympic body. The Philippines is doing the same.

This could lead to disastrous consequences given our expectation that losing candidates could cry foul and raise the issue of government meddling in the Philippine Olympic Committee elections.

The Philippines is already being likened to Iraq in terms of being home to tyrants – Marcos and Saddam, of being the 51st US State, of being world capitals of violence especially killings of journalists, etc. And soon, of being stripped of OIC membership!

The Malacanang Palace occupant is kissing our participation in the London Olympics goodbye!

5:36 a.m.


My apologies to those sending in their comments. I will reply to their many insights when I come back Friday night.

Aug 26 City Council Agenda

The City Council will resume its session today after the Kadayawan break last week. We have following calendar of business:

First Reading – Item Nos. 1340 – 1358 (19 Items) e.g. Item No. 1354 on my proposal for an emergency stockpile of food, fuel, medicines and other essential materials as part of our disaster preparedness program;

Second Reading (Deferred Committee Reports) (17 Items) e.g. Item No. 165 Proposed New Price Appraisal for the SIR Projects;

Second reading (New Committee Reports) ( 18 Items) e.g. Item No. 280 Request of Maligaya Plant Growers Association for reclassification of their site from “low density residential” to “commercial zone;” Item No. 26 Deed of Donation by Alsons Dev. Corporation of a 9 hectare property at Barangay Lasang; Item No. 1300 Application for PALC of Hacienda, a proposed 9 hectare subdivision project of DMCI Urban Property Developers Inc at Barangay Catalunan Grande; Item No. 1301 Application for PALC of Villa Monte Maria, a proposed 11.6 hectare subdivision project of the Francisco Soriano & Co, Inc. at Barangay Catalunan Grande; Item No. 271 Proposed Ordinance to implement the “Food Fortification Act of 2000” requiring the selling of iron-fortified rice and Item No. 791 Board Resolution of the Confederation of Grains Retailers Association seeking a moratorium in the implementation of the iron-fortified rice program.

5:36 a.m.