In your face!

Talk of doublespeak.

The Arroyo administration has just thrown out the window its austerity program. In proposing a P1.4 Trillion budget for next year, it has likewise renege on its promise to balance the budget.

Liar, liar, liar!

The current economic crisis is the convenient excuse of Malacanang to ask for a 15 percent increase in its budget in 2009. My suspicion is shared by many. The increase in the budget next year is meant – not to prop up the economy – but to fatten the war chest of the administration in the 2010 elections.

Oh, I can hear the trapos (traditional politicians) singing “the good times are here again!” ironically at a time when the number of poor families are rising.

The call of the government to tighten our belts and live simply in these times of difficulties is pure hogwash.

At the Senate, there is also a disturbing change of tune. Where before Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was batting for a side agreement on the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Pact (JPEPA), now she is about to lead the second surrender of the Philippines to Japan. Her beef – hard to educate people who are afraid of the unknown. The feisty lady, staunch defender of the Constitution and candidate for the International Court of Justice, is giving up! This is harakiri!

In your face! Liar, liar, liar!

(Sorry I lost the URL for the proper attribution, and I am not lying)

(Sorry I lost the URL for the proper attribution, and I am not lying)

6:01 a.m.