Last City Council session today

Dawn masses ushered in today the official start of the Christmas season. The City Council took part in this annual ritual taking care of the food stalls infront of the San Pedro Cathedral and the City Council building.

The offering of the free stalls for food vendors would run nine days.

The regular City Council session today is scheduled at 1 p.m. because a  number of our colleagues, our SP Secretary Leika Lopez and her staff burned the midnight candle to help organize the traditional “simbang gabi” food fair.

The calendar of business today includes items not taken up in yesterday’s session and a few additions including the request of the Bankerohan Meat Vendors Coop for the extension of their slaugherhouse permit, which expires at the end of this year.

Passed unnoticed by the local media yesterday was the City Council’s favorable endorsement for Legaspi Oil’s plan for a Special Economic Zone at Barangay Sasa.

One of the remaining important items left at the City Council agenda is the hydro power plant project of clean energy company Hedcor at Tamugan.

Thanks for more Christmas gifts from Councilor Mabel Acosta, Councilor Conde Baluran and University of the Philippines (UP-Mindanao)

Dec 15 City Council Agenda

Here’s the Calendar of Business of the regular session of the City Council for today:

Invocation by Councilor Edgar R. Ibuyan (1st District);

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 6 Items (Nos. 1623 – 1628)

Third & Final Reading – 3 Items – Item No. 1556 Amusement tax exemption for Gary Valenciano concert for a cause on December 22; Item No. 1591 Amusement tax exemption for Barney show on December 16; Item No. 1074 reclassification of 12,649 square meters from protected light industrual zone to heavy industrial zone at Barangay Binugao

Committee of the Whole – 5 Items – Item Nos. 1257, 399, 400, 379, 386 all pertaining to application of cell sites of various telecom companies;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 22 Items, e.g. Item No. 1044-A investigation of the kiling of Datu Dominador Diarog, chieftain of the K’lata Tribe at Barangay Manuel Guianga on april 29, 2008; Item Nos. 984-B and 1126 on the plans of Hedcor, Inc. to tap the Tamugan, Panigan and Suawan Rivers for a hydro-electric power project;

Second Reading (New Committee Reports) – 6 Items, e.g. Item No. 1539 Deed of Donation by the Shelter Development Cooperative involving road lots, open spaces and community facilities at Concorde Village at Barangay Tugbok and Centennial Village at Barangay Ula; Item No. 1596 Application for Preliminary Approval & Locational Clearance for Northcrest Expansion by Alsons Development & Investment Corp. with an area of 40.8 hectares at Barangay Cabantian; Item No. 1581 – request for favorable endorsement for the application of Special Economic Zone of Legaspi Oil Co. Inc. located at Barangay Sasa