From my inbox are two interesting proposals:

Elmer Soriano, my mentor in wikislation, is now at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge. He is attending a course on Leadership for a Networked World. He is cooking up new ways to promote e-governance and e-citizenship and he wants me to collaborate with him. I said OK.

And from La Trobe University in Melbourne, I received a request from Skilty Labastilla, from Agusan del Sur, who plans to do research work in Davao.

He wrote: “I am interested in examining the lives of low-income young men in Davao City, specifically their experiences as they transition to adulthood. What are their aspirations and how do they go about achieving them? As we know, men in the Philippines are expected by society to provide for their families. But with the difficulties that they are facing, how do they manage to do that? These are just some of the important questions that I intend to find out as I will live inside (or near) a low-income community in the city.”

I am writing his university to support his research study here.

6:02 a.m.