Unsolicited counsel

Rey Ann, a 4th-year high school student sent a comment about the SONA and believed it was a “lie.” Like every Filipino consumer, he complained about the continuing rise in prices.

New Yorker Rudy Guiliani, the “Mayor of America” is in town and counseled Filipinos to have leaders who are transparent and they can trust. The current Palace occupant is simply way off these standards.

In her SONA, GMA bragged, for instance, about the reduction of the cost of text messages. Matter of fact, it was the most applauded statement in her 1-hour speech from a largely rich audience. Proves to be a big lie, however. As in the case of most of her narration of self congratulations.

GMA failed to provide us a roadmap in her SONA on how to confront the current economic crisis.

Here’s an 8-point memo from our friends from the Focus on the Global South – Philippines.

I hope the Malacanang resident would heed this unsolicited advice.

5:13 a.m.