My house as rebel camp?

Press Statement

October 3, 2008

I have received reports this morning that one radio station in Davao City reported that NPA rebels “were being housed” at the “residence” of one Peter Lavina in Tamayong.

I do not know of any other Peter Lavina in Davao City. So, the alleged report must be referring to me as the only Peter Lavina in our city.

I called up Bombo Radyo at about 8:00 a.m. and confirmed from Bombo Brix that indeed their report was based on “police intelligence report” that the house of Peter Lavina is being used as a “camp” of the NPA.

I vehemently deny that I, Councilor Peter Lavina, owns a house or has a “residence” in Tamayong or in any part of the 3rd District.

In fact, I am not familiar with the place. The only time that I was in Tamayong was in 2007 to join members of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s party to greet Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on his birthday at his Prayer Mountain.

I have not been to Tamayong before or after that. Moreover, I have not been to the 3rd District for a long time given that I stay and serve in the 1st District.

The news report based on so-called “police intelligence report” is, therefore, totally baseless and false.

It maligns my good name and standing in the Davao community and pictures me, an elected public official, as harboring rebels.

I have requested the radio station to help correct this mistake. Now, I ask police and military authorities to re-verify its sources of information. It is truly lamentable that certain members of the police to fall for such elementary error. Had they checked the story first with me, I could have there and then confirmed the falsity of the report.

Damage, unfortunately, has been done now. Not only to me personally and officially, but more importantly, to the truth of the story and to the reputation and integrity of our intelligence community for such a grossly erroneous report.

Councilor Peter T. Laviña

1:32 p.m.