Nov 11 City Council Agenda

Calendar of Business for today’s City Council Regular Session starting at 9 am:

Invocation – Councilor Karlo S. Bello (3rd District)

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Nov 4 Session

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 13 Items (Item Nos. 1545 – 1557) e.g. Item No. 1545 – Application for PALC of Ocean Cove, a low-density subdivision, at Barangay Bago Aplaya containing an area of 18.3 hectares; Item No. 1548 – IRR of the Watershed Code of Davao City; Item No. 1554 – Complaint of Samantha Homes against Foothills Realty Development for the implementation of subdivision plans; Item No. 1556 – Request for tax exemption for the Gary Valenciano concert of NCCC Cares Foundation on December 22, 2008

Third & Final Reading – Item No. 1018 – Ordinance reclassifying 28.6 hectares from agricultural to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande; Item No. 1449 – Tax exemption of Jose Mari Chan Concert on November 29, 2008

Committee of the Whole – Item No. 1025 – PALC of Palm Grove at Barangay Matina Pangi; Item No. 1207 – PALC of Positano Subdivision at Barangay Matina Pangi;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 2 Items

Second reading (New Items) – 5 Items, e.g. Naming of Mandug-Callawa Road to “Manuel G. Cabaguio,” in honor of the pioneer settler in the area; Item No. 1070 – Request for service firearms for the security of the City Economic Enterprise Management Office; Item No. 1303 – Request for Legislative Authorization for the installation of fiber optic cables from Barangay Panacan to Barangay Lasang

Oct 14 City Council Agenda

The City Council will hold its 37th Regular Session for the year today with the following calendar of business:

Invocation by Councilor Wilberto E. Al-ag (3rd District);

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the previous session;

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 20 Items – Items No. 1456 – 1476

Third & Final Reading – 4 Items – Item No. 675 – Reclassification of 6,992 square meters of commercial and open space to high density residential zone to accommodate a socialized housing project at Km. 14 Barangay Panacan; Item No. 1018 – Reclassification of 28.6 hectares of agricultural land to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande; Item 1342 – Legislative authorization to accept a donation of two units of Zusuki Kabbayan vehicles from the UNiCEF; Item No. 1344 – Legislative authorization for the MOA for the turn-over of management of the Toril Mulit-purpose gym to Barangay Toril Proper;

Unfinished Business – Item No. 217-A re signboard at the airport which should indicate the official name “Francisco B. Bangoy International Airport;”

Deferred Committee Reports – 4 Items, e.g. Item No. 1135 – DILG Memo on climate change and disaster risk reduction measures; Item No. 251 – proposed Ordinance for a mandatory ear-screening program for newborn babies;

New Committee Reports – 15 Items, e.g. Item No. 1025 – Application for PALC of Palm Grove subdivision located at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 13.6 hectares; Item No. 1207 – Application for PALC of Positano subdivision located at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 19.2 hecatares;

Aug 5 City Council Agenda

Calendar of Business of the 29th Regular Session of the 15th City Council today:

Invocation – Councilor Rachel P. Zozobrado (3rd District);

National Anthem; City March “Tayo ay Dabawenyo”

Roll Call

Reading of the Minutes of the Previous Session;

Privilege Hour

First Reading – Item Nos. 1303 – 1321 (19 Items) e.g. Item No. 1307 – Letter from P/Supt. Glenn Dichosa de la Torre requesting the passage of an Ordinance creating an “Administrative Board” pursuant to provisions of the Comprehensive Drug Act of 2002; Item No. 1310 – Complaint against the operation of All Aboard Transport Services Group, Inc. on its “hop on, hop off” jeepney service; Item No. 1316 – Request for favorable endorsement for the PEZA application as an IT Building for the Robinsons Davao Mall;

3rd & Final Reading – Item No. 1208 – Reclassification of Anflocor Property for the Ayala Center Davao project; Item No. 1165 – Amusement Tax exemption for Artist Resource Network Association, Inc. for its ethno-rock environmental zarzuela “Ambon, Ulan, Baha” scheduled on August 12, 2008 at the CYO Gym for the benefit of Bantay Bata;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 4 Items, e.g. Item No. 1062 – The 2008-2017 Davao City Solid Waste Management Plan;

Second Reading (New Items) – 8 Items, e.g. Item No. 942 Application for reclassification from agricultural to residential zone by Uraya Land Development Inc. for a property located at Upper Catalunan Grande; Item No. 1098 – Application for foreshore lease by Rita Paras located at Km. 7, Lizada Village, Lanang; Item No. 855 – Offer to sell a property containing 2.6 hectares for site of a Muslim cemetery at Sirawan; Item No. 1081 – Updated policy and implementing guidelines for the educational assistance to indigent youth in the city; Item No. 927 – Complaint by students at the presence of Sutherland Global Services, a private IT company, at the premises of the TESDA Training Center at Buhisan, Tibungco;

5:48 a.m.

City Council OKs Ayala Mall

The City Council finally approved the application for reclassification of the Floirendo property, site for the Ayala Center Davao project.

Local media reported the voting as unanimous. Actually here are the tallies – Approval of the Committee Report – 23-0; Approval of the Resolution – 24-0; Approval of the Ordinance on Second Reading – 25-0. Only Councilor Angging Librado-Trinidad was not present. She just gave birth to her second child, a son, last Sunday.

Councilors who expressed concerns about the drainage and traffic issues were convinced to support our committee’s favorable report after no less than Ricky Floirendo presented the following plans:

Drainage measures would include tapping and expanding existing drainage systems inside the property as well as those leading to the Bacaca, Dacudao Ave. and Veloso St. outlets.

Traffic plans include three private and public utility entrance/exit points from JP Laurel with plenty of loading/unloading bays inside the property; no public utility vehicle loading and unloading infront of Redemptorist Church, and opening of N. Torres St. Extension as new ingress/engress point leading to Bo. Obrero and Agdao.

The measure will go for a final Third Reading next session. However, I noticed ground prep work is now going on at the site. The Ayala-Foirendo Group must really be in a hurry.


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5:52 a.m.

July 15 City Council Agenda

Here are the Items up for discussion at today’s Regular Session of the City Council:

First Reading – 30 Items including an application for poker gaming operations at the casino( No. 1237); reclassification of a property for a softdrink bottling plant (No. 1247); legislative authority for the Metro Davao Overlay Fiber Optic Project (No. 1257); and endorsement for the “Call to Save the Mountains of the World” to the United Nations (No. 1265);

3rd & Final Reading – 2 Items – No. 875-E tax exemption for the concert “Los Suenos a estan compliendo/ Dreams fulfilling;” No. 1067 – deed of donation of Alsons Development Corporation of parcel of land located at Barangay Lasang;

Committee of the Whole – 2007 Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project;

Unfinished Business – Item No. 1184-B – IFC Report on Business Permit Processing;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 4 Items

Second Reading (New Items) – 9 Items including Ordinance on the mandatory ear-screening for newborn babies (Item 251); Barangay boundary disputes (Item Nos. 477, 642 and 759);  reclassification of property for the  Ayala Center Davao.

6:11 a.m.