Unsolicited counsel

Rey Ann, a 4th-year high school student sent a comment about the SONA and believed it was a “lie.” Like every Filipino consumer, he complained about the continuing rise in prices.

New Yorker Rudy Guiliani, the “Mayor of America” is in town and counseled Filipinos to have leaders who are transparent and they can trust. The current Palace occupant is simply way off these standards.

In her SONA, GMA bragged, for instance, about the reduction of the cost of text messages. Matter of fact, it was the most applauded statement in her 1-hour speech from a largely rich audience. Proves to be a big lie, however. As in the case of most of her narration of self congratulations.

GMA failed to provide us a roadmap in her SONA on how to confront the current economic crisis.

Here’s an 8-point memo from our friends from the Focus on the Global South – Philippines.

I hope the Malacanang resident would heed this unsolicited advice.

5:13 a.m.

SONA rating – GMA 99%

A number of opposition solons boycotted the SONA. I am truly sorry for them. They missed the grandest show, err … fashion show, of the year in the Strange Republic!

Ok, as promised, here’s my SONA rating:

GMA’s hair – Oh my, it was short, and she, therefore, must have used less gel! – 99%

Her make-up – Well, just about the right touch. Enough to cover her thick skin! – 99%

Her earrings – Aba … she’s a lot better than Imelda! – 99%

Her attire – fits her right in coral pink. Although I doubt if either Senator Pia or Rep Risa, both genuine environmentalists, would don such terno – 99%

Her walk – truly outstanding entrance – everyone was asked to stand as if the national anthem was being played! Hmmm … again 99%

Her audience – wow! a superb cast of the nation’s beso-beso elite (in her own words – those with privileged lives) who like robots clapped their hands in unison many times, the loudest about the lowering of text messages by 50 cents. Ha ha ha! – 99%

Her speech – hmmm … sounds to me as the longest list of thank yous amongst members of a mutual fans club! – 99% pa rin!

Well, after the big show, she truly deserves to be called ninety-nine! She likewise merits the title of President of the Strange Republic!

Lights off, the show is now over!

5:06 p.m.

SONA form and content

The Malacanang occupant has been bitten by the pink bug of Bayani Fernando, Metro Manila’s czar who has painted the metropolis with pink colors for his beautification drive.

Short on good things to say on her State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) today, GMA would highlight the event instead by what she would be wearing for the joint opening of Congress.

The SONA has long been a fashion show for the rich, the famous and the mighty. But this time it would be more than just a cat walk on the corridors of power. The pink gown of the Palace resident would appear to be the main feature of the SONA – State of the Nation, A dress. Philippine media is abuzz with it noticeably turning broadsheets into fashion mags.

This is how my friend Jess Dureza, now the Press Secretary, justified why GMA is wearing such a pink gown:

The President wants to capture the theme of her SONA—the Filipino’s self reliance, care for the environment, concern for the poor and vulnerable as well as the country’s stability as a nation to become a First-World country.

Har har har har!

On Second thought, bar her height I believe GMA could indeed be a fashion star. In fact, in the league of Naomi Campbell – famous models with attitude. (Foto credits – kaypoh.com and born-today.com)

GMA’s address is reported by the Philippine Star “to offer hope” to the suffering Filipino people. Did I correctly read it right, HOPE?


H – hunger


O – oppression


P – patronage, and


E – ecological disasters?

Tsk tsk! Same Old Nonsense from the Administration (SONA)!

Almost every SONA, colleagues in the media ask for my assessment. Here’s a preview: for Jess Dureza – I give 100 %; for Speaker Prospero Nograles, who will introduce GMA along with the Senate President – for such a simple ceremonial task – 95%; finally for GMA – hmmm … Abangan!

5:43 a.m.

Medium as message

Congress would be in the microscope tomorrow as the Malacanang occupant delivers her State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA).

From where I sit, I see the House of Representatives depicting the real state of our nation.

Amidst the many crises facing the country, a number of which where caused by erroneous policies of this administration, the House is spending a huge sum for a facelift.

Starting with over P9 million for renovating the damage by a bomb blast last year, the House, under the new leadership of my district Rep, Speaker Prospero Nograles, would be spending P200 million for the makeover. It aims to polish its image post the Jose de Venecia era.

Ha ha ha! Unfortunately for the House. In spite of this cosmetic make up and more projects to cost a total of P1 billion, its image would not change a bit. To me, it remains to be the house of wasteful trapos (traditional politicians) and abode of lackeys of the Palace.

I just hope no eager beaver staff of the Speaker would place any marker in the House that would claim such and such renovation is a “Project of” you know who.

Speaker Nogie has proven to be Mr. Project for nothing. In our district in Davao City, the name and picture of the Speaker is plastered in all his projects. We all know that these projects are funded by taxpayer money, but the billboards portray as if these were his own. The name plates are of no ordinary make. In basketball courts, they are made of steel; in pavements, they are made of concrete. But in most cases, they are either tarpaulin or plywoods complete with his smiling face.

Not a few eyebrows were raised in Davao in the case of Nogie’s projects such as a high school and a mini park which were named after a relative. Who is that person?, many wondered. Former governors, mayors and other prominent leaders of Davao were not as lucky to have a school or a park named after them.

I believe profligate is just about the right word to describe spending P1 billion for a makeover when hunger stares a third of our people in their faces.

SONA? Oh, well …

S – something

O – only

N – Nogie can

A – answer

7:57 a.m.