First Pinay at West Point

The first Filipina, born and raised in the Philippines , to enter the US Military Academy at West Point , Christy Isis A. Achanzar, will graduate on May 31, 2008.

She constantly lands in the dean’s list and was given the Superintendent’ s Award for Achievement for excelling in academic, military and physical programs last September.

She finished her secondary school at Davao City High School in 1998.

Her family is now raising funds to apply for visa, buy tickets, etc. to attend her graduation.

Please help.

The Davaoeno community in New York , particulalry those from City High, might want to host the family or extend whatever assistance.

Family address – # 0306 Platinum St. , San Rafael Village, Davao City 8000, Tel # (082) – 300-2838, Mobile # 0919-267-7236; Allied Bank S/A # 1150-03159-1 Ermine and/or Asuncion Achanzar

(Apart from the Lent break, I had no net in the house. Thus, I failed to blog for the past several days.)

8:43 a.m.