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Councilor Peter Tiu Lavina


Councilor Peter Tiu Lavina was born in Davao City on September 27, 1957. His father was the late Pedro del Rosario Lavina, from Cavite, a newspaper editor and first Director of the Bureau of Tourism & Travel Industry in Mindanao. His mother is Flaviana Tiu Lavina, a retiree from the Commission on Audit and hails from Samar and Leyte. He has two elder sisters – Lea L. Pedres and Lizabeth L. Abear, and two younger brothers – Ramon and Alejandro. He is married to Evelyn Gonzales Lavina and has four children – L.A., Roschelin, Kyra Angeline and Ecceldeo (XC).

Councilor Lavina studied at the Davao Central Elementary School, now Kapitan Tomas Monteverde ES, Davao City High School (DCHS) and University of Mindanao (UM). He was a recipient of the Boy Scout Leadership Award at Grade VI, passed the NCEE with a rating of 99%, and was a very active college student leader.

He is a journalist by profession. He is described as the “most active public official blogging in the country today.” An avid organizer, he has many involvements with various media, cause-oriented, business and civic organizations. He is well liked because he is helpful, considerate, concerned and thoughtful. An optimist, he is good at analyzing situations and offers many objective solutions. Thus, Councilor Lavina has contributed many fresh ideas at the City Council. He has been described in many ways – “Maayong Tawo, Buotan, Kasaligan, Utokan (Bright), Walay Abuso, Walay Anomalya, Kugihan, Matinabangon.”


Councilor Lavina believes in God and he recognizes the tri-people character and multi-ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of our people. He believes we can all work together in harmony and solidarity to benefit all.

He believes in Democracy and the supreme sovereign rights of the people. Through people’s empowerment, he believes that democracy must at all times be protected from threats of abuse and authoritarian rule.

Councilor Lavina believes in the important role of women and the youth in development and the need to promote the welfare of the women, children, youth, elderly and differently-abled.

He believes in sustainable development. He believes that both capital and labor can work together in promoting ecological conservation and in the equitable distribution of the fruits of progress.

Councilor Lavina believes in international friendship and cooperation and Davao City should play an important role in international understanding.

Performance & Work Experiences


Chair – Committee on Trade, Commerce & Industry; Committee on City-owned Real Estate Properties;

Vice Chair – Committee on Energy, Transportation & Communication; Committee on Information & Communication Technology; Committee on Government Appointments & Reorganization

Member – Committee on Public Works, Committee on Housing, Rural and Urban Development, Committee on Cooperatives & People’s Participation.

Member – Davao City Investment Incentive Board, Clean Cities Davao Coalition, Price Monitoring Council. Davao City ICT Development Task Force

Official NGO Delegate at the 6th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Hongkong (2005)


Chair – Committee on Trade, Commerce & Industry, Committee on Cultural Communities & Muslim Affairs, Committee on Labor & Employment Opportunities.

Vice Chair – Committee on Youth & Sports Development; Committee on Economic Enterprises

Member – Committee on Tourism & Beautification, Committee on Housing, Rural & Urban Development; Committee on Agriculture

First Asian to speak at the International Conference of the Observatorio Internationale de la Democracia Participativa (OIDP) in Lille, France (2003) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (2004)

Before being elected

Executive Assistant to the Mayor; Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor; Consultant on Economic & Political Affairs, Office of the Mayor; OIC City Tourism Office; OIC Barangay Affairs Office

Editor, Reporter, Columnist of various newspapers and media organizations; Research, Documentation & Information Officer, TFDP-Mindanao (Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines)

Medical Detailman, Zuellig Pharma; Community Relations & Information Officer, Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA); Manager, CO Realtors, Telavi Property Management Co.


Barangay Infra Projects – Day Care Centers, Roads, Pathways, Canals, Seawalls, Repair of Barangay Halls, Comfort Rooms, Stage, Bleachers, DCNHS Alumni Office, etc.

Nutrition Program – Project LAMI (Lamiang Arrozcaldo Masustansiya alang sa Inyo) with Councilor Boni Militar; Project Linis – Clean & Green Campaign; Active Citizenship Program; Sports Development; Medical/Dental Free Clinics, Botika ng Barangay, Barangay Business Club (BBC), Consumer Welfare, Alternative Energy, Organic Fertilizer Seminar


P – participatory governance to promote direct democracy and active citizenship;

T – trade, tourism & investment promotion for more employment opportunities and local government revenues;

L – land use planning for optimum use of land and water resources & environmental protection

Priority Projects (January—June 2007)

1. Pursue the Barangay Enterprise Development Program;

2. Advocate for the development and use of alternative, clean and indigenous energy;

3. Attract more trade, tourism & investments through an “open skies” regime for Davao City;

4. Intensify consumer awareness, welfare & protection;

5. Masterplanning for the future of the city through wise utilization of the city’s land and water assets;

6. Sports Development for the citizens’ physical fitness;

7. Active Citizenship for Clean & Credible Election

Current Involvements (Member/ Officer/ Adviser)


Davao Kaisa Foundation (Tsinoy Association)

Davao City High School Alumni Association

Davao Communicators’ Guild

Club 888 Media Forum

Davao Press Club, Inc.

Davao City Sports Commission

Davao City Sports Council, Inc.

Davaoweb Group (ICT)

Sigma Delta Tau Fraternity (UM Engineering)

Samahang Mag-aaral ng Pulitika (SMP – UM)

Youth Community Service Club

Davao Green EAGLES (Alternative Energy)

Clean Cities Davao Coalition

Davao Peace Advocates

GADFathers (Gender Advocacy)

Anti Child Labor Coalition

Anak ng Dabaw

Davao Musicians Association

Davao Harmonic Orchestra, Inc.

Regional/ National

Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao (AFRIM)

Unlad Kabayan OFW Services Foundation

GBI Region XI (Guardians)

Table Tennis Association of the Philippines (TATAP)


Akbayan (Citizens’ Action Party)

Freedom from Debt Coalition

Stop the New Round Coalition

Citizens Movement for a Federal Philippines

Philippine Councilors League

League of Liberal Local Legislators (4L)


Knights of Columbus Council 11048

International Observatory for Participatory Democracy (OIDP)

Ambassadors Club International

9 Responses to “My Profile”

  1. Ding Navarro Says:

    Dear Councilor Lavina:

    I am Conrado “Ding” Navarro, new president of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). I assumed office on June 1, 2007, succeeding your friend, former Senator Wigberto “Bobby” Tanada, who is now PRRM’s chair (succeeding former Senator Helena Benitez, who is now our chair emeritus). Another friend of yours, Becky Malay, is our current Director for Advocacy & Development Cooperation. I read about your “wikislation” in today’s issue of the PDI, and I was inspired by the news item because this is something that we in PRRM would like to promote under ouf “Good Governance for Sustainable Development Program”, namely, a process and mechanism by which citizens can participate in crafting and monitoring legislation, policies and programs of their local governments. For this reason, I would like to start a dialogue with you and your friend, Elmer Soriano, to explore how the two of you can help PRRM pursue this objective. I will be in Davao briefly on September 4 (Tuesday), and I will appreciate it if I can visit you in your office even for half-an-hour or so between 2-3 p.m. to learn more from you regarding this matter. I will also appreciate it if you can tell me how to contact Elmer Soriano as I cannot find his e-mail address anywhere. Thank you very much. I hope to hear from you soon. (Incidentally, Atty. Paul Arcanghel, who used to be a member of the Davao City Council, is a fraternity brother of mine – U.P. Beta Sigma.)

    Ding Navarro

  2. Plobbyrop Says:

    Wow! Good resources here, Enjoyed the visit!
    The Regard! The Excellent forum! Thank you!

  3. Klaus Doring Says:

    Dear Peter, I am really honoured to know you personally. Thanks always for your help and support. God bless!

  4. Jane Pagarigan Says:

    Hi Sir Pete,
    Remember me? I used to work at the City Mayor’s Office & you’re one of my superior. I was browsing for some articles, when your name came across my search, so I open it & realized you’ve gone a long way on your career. I’m happy for you coz I know you’re a very nice person. Hope you’ll continue to help people especially davaoenos.
    I have’nt been home for 6yrs that’s why I
    was not updated on certain things. I’m in Toronto, Canada.
    Wish you all the best as well as your family!


  5. Bert Dooma Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I am from Sydney, Australia and was browsing online for possible recipient of a dry type clinical sterilizer for a gov’t medical school or gov’t hospital as the recipient. At this time, I choose Davao City as I am an alumnus of a high school from there.
    Your name come up as the person I should talk to and I wish if you could assist me to facilitate this matter. The sterilizer is in my possesion now and ready for transmission at anytime if the recipient is. My only requirement is for the recipient to acknowledge reciept of the matter for me to submit to the hospital where it came from.
    Wish to hear from you very soon. More power to you.

    Bert Dooma

  6. Bert Dooma Says:

    Hi Pter,
    My email, and waiting for an early reply:

  7. Sheila Joy C. Gallemaso-Bacon Says:

    Dear Pete,
    My father, Reynaldo Galos Gallemaso, said you’re a relative. I’m not sure if you’re an uncle or a cousin. 😉 His ancestor was a Lavina also. He related that there were several Lavina brothers who rebelled against the Spaniards. One went to Leyte.
    His mom was Soledad Lavina Galos. He mentioned to me that your dad had a meeting with him when he was still working at Insular Hotel in 1983.
    I’m proud of you although I may not know you personally.
    Keep up the good work. I hope you will continue to work for the greater good. God bless you and your family. I hope to meet you and your family someday.


  8. derek Says:

    Sir Pete,

    Derek here of 97B, and I’d like to invite you and all bonafide members of Sigma Delta Tau Frat/Sor to visit our new online community at

    Since it is in a social networking platform, you can create and pimp your own ashtig profile there (like friendster), create your blogs and discussions, submit comments, upload video/photos, create events and announcements, create groups, and interact with Deltans around the world using realtime online chatroom (like Yahoo!Messenger).

    I also created a tab link there to your blogsite for ease of access.

    We are expecting you there and keep in touch.

    Our online soft launch with be on the whole day of 28th of May 2009.
    Be there online, test chat, greet everyone, and PARTY!


    In the service of the Global Deltan,

    Visit Deltan

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