Tap water

About two months ago, I wrote in my old blog how my wife, Evelyn, had been pondering that we stop the delivery of bottled water in the house.

She said she wants us to drink tap water again. Not because bottled water costs a lot but because she said tap water is much better than those “mineral waters.”

Well, it has been two weeks since we stopped the delivery of bottled water. And things are fine so far. We did not miss bottled water a bit.

Here is one reason my wife was absolutely correct. (11:45 a.m.)

Snack ads

Two weeks ago, I authored a Resolution in the City Council supporting the promotion of banana chips as alternative to junk foods eaten by our school children.

The Department of Education is now undertaking this promotion in various schools in the region. Banana chips are highly nutritious and increasing its demand means more income for banana farmers and banana chips producers.

Junk foods are the focus too of great health concern in Thailand, where authorities believe the country has set the world record on snack ads on television.

As much as 42 snack ads appear on TV every hour, four times higher than that of the US and UK.

I do not spend much time on TV anymore so I would not know how many snack ads appear on our set per hour. Yet I know that most of those advertised are junk foods with little or no nutritional value for our kids. (7:30 a.m.)


I could not glue myself in front of the TV. In the 30 minutes or so that I tuned in to a major Philippine network showing a kiddie program at 8:30 a.m., I counted six commercial ads, 4 of which were snack food/milk ads. But the station I.D. and program ads were just too many, 11 in that half-hour. (10:40 a.m.)