New PUM country head

The Dutch Senior Expert Program – PUM – has a new country representative for the Philippines, Jan de Lijster.

Jan, 67, is currently touring PUM projects areas like Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Bacolod. A graduate of the Rotterdam University, Jan has an extensive business experience working in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Russia, among others.

In Davao yesterday, he met with officials of the Dabaw Kaisa Foundation, the Filipino-Chinese Association with president Sergio Haw, chair Sebastian Angliongto, legal counsel Irene Lavares, city councilor Peter Lavina and Internal Vice President Arch. Daniel Lim (who took the picture below). With Jan was Cherry Tan Padua, PUM coordinator for southern Philippines.

PUM and Dabaw Kaisa plans to tie up to help promote the use of Dutch volunteer experts in local business enterprises.


The meeting took place at the DTI Conference Room.

2 Responses to “New PUM country head”

  1. Irene D. Lavares Says:

    Hi Pete, this is a nice shot with Jan and Cherry with the Kaisa people. But, oh, my surname should be “Lavares”. Many thanks.

  2. Gordon Anyele Says:

    Please wish to partner with PUM. We are a Common Initiative Group based in Cameroon with objective to create a conformable atmosphere for technologica;l Advancement. We have been for 7 year and have executine many projects in Telecommunications,electrical and Electronics, IT and a host of others.
    We wish to be better in our activities.

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