Room 3, City Council Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City, Philippines 8000

Tel. No. (+6382) 222-0855 – 57 (Local 201)

Email –;

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  1. Ferdinand L. Tomale Says:


    I am a Linux advocate. I also cannot afford a computer of my own. I have recently received a computer ‘donation’, so now I have a computer (which I am going to install linux on).

    I have also a great idea where we can promote the use of Linux and give other poor guys like me a chance to own a computer.

    A lot of organizations, people or companies have old computers that I think we can make them donate to an organization (like yours) that would then install linux and donate them to some other organization or people. I have been looking around for this and it seems that there is one in the US but none in the Philippines. Could we handle something like this? I could think of several companies and people I could talk to that might be open to the idea of donating their computers.


  2. alvin dizon Says:

    Dear Peter,

    Hope you are well. Please check my blog IPADAYAG.


  3. Michael Lagcao Says:

    please join me at Its all about linking people and civil socities for a better Mindanao.


  4. Rey Ian Corpuz Says:

    Hi Councilor,

    We won! My review about your blog won in Review-a-blog ( I would like to share this victory with you…. Once again, thank you very much and cheers to both of us. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year…

    Rey Ian Corpuz

  5. Klaus Doring Says:

    Dear Peter, thanks for keeping in touch with me. Only today I was able to check out your websites. As always, great write ups and unique opinions. If you find time, please check out my Thanks a lot and God speed Councilor!

  6. naglagot Says:

    ngayon na meron nang 26 storey twin towers under construction ang cagayan de oro, sana naman matauhan na ang mga government officials ng davao na hindi na tayo ang premier city ng mindanao, eh kasi naman ang bagal maka approve ng mga important projects like LRT, samal bridge, at ibang pang projects. probinsyang probinsya pa rin ang approach ng sistema. huh pag mata mo. dugay ra ta gibiyaan sa cebu, karon ang cagayan na pod ang sunod magkatawa sa ato.

  7. naglagot Says:

    wala kasi tayong hype sa davao eh, ok andyan na ang ayala pero kulang pa rin yan, tingnan mo ang technique ng cagayan, nag build sila ng high rise para ang business ambience ay parang go go go ang other businesses will follow. kahit pa sabihing mas mayaman ang davao, dapat naman highrise na ang i approve na mga projects. i pag bawal na ang mga 1 storey sa downtown. putsaks naman oo. kahit pag baligtarin pa ang mundo HIGHRISE ang biggest come on sa mga investors kasi kitang kita ng mata, hindi yang mga invisible projects. technique ba unta ba!

  8. dp Says:

    Dear Councilor,

    i know that you have a small amount of time, hence i cut to the chase. as a resident of Davao City, i appreciate the legislative progress that is evident in the council, one thing though, after the no smoking ordinance passed years ago, most are hoping that a no spitting ordinance would follow, considering the health risk and an image uplift if it were passed. it would be pro health, pro citizens and pro Davao.


  9. mark Says:

    hi sir..

    im mark van buladaco from USEP. I am glad that a government official like you is fond of blogging.

    Our academic org SITS (society of information technology students) is planning to conduct a seminar about the wonders of blogging. I would like to invite u as a speaker. The venue and the date is still being finalized.

    here is my contact number +639098040641

    hope to here from you.

    thank you!

  10. riafe Says:

    i’m from digos city and i’m new to blogging ( somehow, i stumbled on your site. my friend (also an amateur blogger) and are curious about wordcamp davao. are newbies like us welcome to join?

  11. Bambam Dela Rosa Says:

    Hi councilor,

    I’m Bambam. We’ve met before in USEP during the Software Freedom Day organized by Dabawengu and USEP. During our meeting, you’ve mentioned that you are blogging. I also learned that you’re an advocate of technology. I decided to contact you with regards to Bayantel’s wireless landline service. I have wrote the blog last January (, kept quiet until someone suggested to report the problem. Bayantel is trying to control its services so that clients will be confined in their wireless service leaving consumers deprived of quality services that other providers can offer. Hope to hear from you on this matter.


  12. Patricio Says:

    Hi Councilor!

    I dropped by your blog again.

    I was just thinking ( insert: hoping ) if we could link our blogs?

    Hoping for your favorable response.

    Just tell me if you’d allow me to do so.

    You can, if you have time ( I know you have very little for this one ) tell me in my shoutbox on my blog, whose links appears above.

    Thank you very much.

    NOTE: This is the same Patricio who asked you something about blogging event last month. Hope you remember.

    All the best,

  13. Banjo Roxas Says:

    Hi Pete,

    I just heard the news about the plan of converting the Artica Dome into a crematorium cum mausoleum? Is this true? This proposal, despite the high propobability that the facility will collapse should an earthquake start to wiggle it?

    The notion that “it is OK to be turned into a place for the dead , after all – they are dead – in case it collapses, it’s OK because inside it are dead already” , is DISGUSTING.

    A decent and moral society is judged on how it treats those who cannot defend themselves. The ultimate moral decay of society is reached when that society cannot even pay proper respects for the dead.

    I hope you will put a sense out of this mess when this issue comes into your turf in the City Council.

    If the place if indeed unsafe, there are only two options: structural strengthening/earthquake proofing (which is what builders in Wellington are doing to almost all high-rise building in this city. as you may know, Wellington (and perhapd the whole of NZ, is in a fault line too.), and demolition of the entire facility.


    Banjo Roxas
    Wellington, New Zealand

  14. William C. Lee Says:

    Dear Honorable Councilor Peter,

    Trust you find this message well. Thank you very much for the unwavering support to Interbev’s project. This is a good project for Davaoeños.

    More power and all the best to your future undertakings.

    Willliam C. Lee

  15. DavaoBase Says:

    From one Davao website to another, maayong adlaw kanimo, Councilor Lavina!

    Nominated ang in this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice Special Award (Mindanao Category). We’re so happy!

    Right now, we need support from our peers and friends. Kung may time ka, paki-visit ng blog post na ito for more details on how to vote for us:

    Salamat in advance!

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