Presidentiables and JPEPA

I was totally surprised that my post on October 9, 2008 on the Senate vote on the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) would attract interest these past few days.

I noticed that this particular post “Only 4 voted ‘no’ on JPEPA” was getting many hits.

Well, in that story, I wrote Senator Noynoy Aquino “a new hero,” Senator Mar Roxas a “wimp,” and in the comments section, I added Senator Manny Villar being “more presidentiable” and Senator Chiz Escudero having “more major league balls.”

You too might want to revisit the story in the light of recent political developments.

Incidentally, it might interest you to know that surveys among so-called presidentiables between December 2007 and December 2008 revealed an interesing fact.

It showed that only two such “presidentiables” lost ground, while a number made more headway.

Who are these two, you might ask?

Believe it or not, the two Ilonggo senators – Miriam Defensor Santiago and Mar Roxas, the main proponents of JPEPA.

Mar has not recovered from this slide. I believe he was punished for his JPEPA stand.

Go check your stats.

Thanks for the hits

Big thanks to all those who have been dropping by this blog.

I was surprised that in spite of my 5-month leave and no post at all, my blog was still receiving on average 30 hits a day. Many reached this blog through search engines with the tags in my past posts.

The day I resumed blogging, I had 58 hits. Not bad for starting this blog all over again.


Back to blog

I am now back to blog.

It has been more than five months since I took this self-imposed leave, partly in protest, partly because of the weak net signal in my house.


Well, I stop blogging because the Headquarters of Senator Mar Roxas for President accused my blog of feeding information to the enemy! Har har har.

Now, that Roxas has ended his quest just three hours ago to run for President to give way to Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, I felt that I can now go back to blogging. Thank God no more eager-beaver campaigners of Roxas to spite me who gave more premium to security than transparency or empowering the Roxas campaign and the people through blogging.

As local chair of the Liberal Party in Davao, I was organizing party units in the Davao Region and forming groups to support Roxas until I was forced to quit in April due to these unfounded accusations that “my blog was feeding information to the enemy.”

Of course, it is not my nature to “feed the enemy with information” or to put my principal at risk. The contents of my blog were not party or state secrets. I was really floored by the baseless accusations against my blog. Hence my leave of absence as a sort of protest.

I guess my silence has won the fight today.

What have I been doing since I took the leave you might ask?

Well, I organized, produced and co-hosted The Evening News Davao in local cable television. It is the only evening news in the city and it airs from Monday to Friday at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and replayed at 12 midnight.

So, I was terribly busy these past few months.

Now, that I am back to blog, I would have to find time to do this as regularly as I can.

And hopefully not “to feed any enemy with information.” Har har har!

On leave


Lucky lunch

Friday the 13th and I had a lucky lunch with Manila and Davao bloggers.

I came first at Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant at the Damosa Business Center in Lanang. And this was what welcomed me:


A neatly arranged table for the bloggers for their Food Appreciation Tour aka “food trip”

The taste test tour of several local resto was organized by Blogie Robillo, shown here with our young hosts – Toby and Tisha Ang.


Among the celebrity bloggers in town from Manila is no other than MLQIII himself (left below) with Blogie, Kim and me:


Visit the blogosphere for the many posts about the food trip. I am sure you would enjoy the fun as I did.

Was the food ok? Here’s what was left of my plates and bowls!


Definitely a place I would recommend not only for my family and friends, but to Davao visitors as well. Call 082-234-8813 for reservation.

Linked to serve


Promoting blogging as tool for participatory governance. “Linked to serve” forum at the Holy Cross of Davao College yesterday.


I just added three friends in my blogroll:

CQ Francisco’s My Mindanaw

Edwin Espejo’s Portal; and

Prix Banzon