City gives aid to Luzon flood victims

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called for a special emergency session of the Davao City Council yesterday afternoon to appropriate funds to help victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila and Luzon.

Twenty of 27 members of the City Council showed up in the hastily arranged emergency session and approved P10 million in cash assistance to the Philippine National Red Cross.

The Mayor also donated the equivalent of his one month salary and the councilors present followed his lead. The total amount is more than P10.5 million. He directed the city’s chief of police Chief Supt. Ramon Apolinario to fly the cash this morning so that PNRC can buy food, water and other needs to help the flood victims.

The City Government and Davaoenos also extended help in the past like those struck by calamities in northern Mindanao, Leyte and Samar.

4 Responses to “City gives aid to Luzon flood victims”

  1. Arvin Antonio Ortiz Says:

    I don’t have a problem if the city govt. would help the victims in Luzon. I only have one question, though: Dali ra man diay maka ipon ug ingon ana kadako nga kantidad, nganong kaniadtong nasunog ang Leon Garcia maglugos pa man pagawas biskang 1 M?

  2. Davao gives P10 Million to Ondoy victims « Manilenyo In Davao Says:

    […] Davao gives P10 Million to Ondoy victims Here’s a repost from Councilor Peter lavina’s Blog. […]

  3. taroogs Says:

    kudos to the city government of davao! the victims of ondoy, and now, pepeng, need all the help they can get.

    paging other megacities… ganito sila sa davao, sana tayo rin! 🙂

    give, and the return will be manifold.

  4. Dexter Evangelio Says:

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