100; 1000

No this is not about binary numbers. It’s the projected price of oil and gold in US Dollars, respectively, in the coming months.

Yup things move up so fast these days that we can hardly breath to take stock of many developments.

I lost net connection for several days during the past week that had two holidays (village polls and All Saints’ Day). So, I was not able to post for over a week. Thanks to those who visited my blog and commented on my previous posts. But sorry for not replying on time.

At the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit last week, I reiterated my frustrations over the lack of interest among public officials to blog and use this new tool to reach out to their constituents. For the past year and a half, I have been promoting blogging as tool for participatory governance but I got little support.

There are now an estimated 200,000 bloggers in the country. Yet, we can only count a few public officials among them. Here is a most welcome blog by a veteran outstanding mayor. Like me, he is an oddball.

I dream of the day when we can reach 100, then 1000 elected officials blogging in the country. That way, I am sure we can make a big difference in this, sadly, indifferent world.

(7:23 a.m.)