Denial queen

2010 is almost in everyone’s lips these days but the Palace occupant is as usual the denial queen.

She warns that early talk of elections can cause instability. Hohum.

On the contrary, not talking about a peaceful transition in 2010 is what I would call a serious threat to democracy.

After the assumption of Senator Mar Roxas of the leadership in the Liberal Party last Monday and the centennial bash of the Nacionalista Party last night led by Senate President Manny Villar, now comes the Nationalist People’s Coalition’s annual Christmas party on December 18.

Boss Danding Cojuangco is expected to be more generous this Yuletide with his victory over the ownership of 20 percent of San Miguel Corp.

What about the administration Lakas and Kampi parties? Well, they are busy backstabbing each other. If not, they are wasting people’s money with a junket to Spain and England next week in spite of the pressing matters at home. No less than 40 administration congress members are joining GMA to Europe. Hohum!

I say oras na (it’s high time) to discuss 2010!

(6:43 a.m.)

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