Noynoy accepts challenge

Senator Noynoy Aquino has finally accepted the challenge and responsibility to continue the legacy of his parents and lead the country by running as president next year.

He made the announcement just a while ago at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan, Metro Manila.

Here in Davao, the planned activities to mark the 40th day of mourning on the passing away of former President Cory Aquino would now become the opening salvo for Noynoy for President Movement.

A motorcade is now underway in the city’s main streets towards the Matina Town Center (MTS) where an inter-faith prayer service and assembly of various Noynoy support groups would be held.

I was invited to represent the Liberal Party. I will also represent Mayor Rody Duterte is the activity.

At noon, a mass would be held at the San Pedro Cathedral with Raffy Lopa representing the Aquino clan.

In 20 minutes it would be 9 am of September 9, 2009 or 09-09-09-09. Will this bring luck to Noynoy and win in 2010?

Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Back to blog

I am now back to blog.

It has been more than five months since I took this self-imposed leave, partly in protest, partly because of the weak net signal in my house.


Well, I stop blogging because the Headquarters of Senator Mar Roxas for President accused my blog of feeding information to the enemy! Har har har.

Now, that Roxas has ended his quest just three hours ago to run for President to give way to Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, I felt that I can now go back to blogging. Thank God no more eager-beaver campaigners of Roxas to spite me who gave more premium to security than transparency or empowering the Roxas campaign and the people through blogging.

As local chair of the Liberal Party in Davao, I was organizing party units in the Davao Region and forming groups to support Roxas until I was forced to quit in April due to these unfounded accusations that “my blog was feeding information to the enemy.”

Of course, it is not my nature to “feed the enemy with information” or to put my principal at risk. The contents of my blog were not party or state secrets. I was really floored by the baseless accusations against my blog. Hence my leave of absence as a sort of protest.

I guess my silence has won the fight today.

What have I been doing since I took the leave you might ask?

Well, I organized, produced and co-hosted The Evening News Davao in local cable television. It is the only evening news in the city and it airs from Monday to Friday at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and replayed at 12 midnight.

So, I was terribly busy these past few months.

Now, that I am back to blog, I would have to find time to do this as regularly as I can.

And hopefully not “to feed any enemy with information.” Har har har!

LP riding on moral high

The First Gentleman attacks the Liberal Party in his futile attempt to defend the Ombudsman.

Well, that’s really good for the party. This positions the party on the side of good governance, anti-corruption and for the welfare of the people. That is, in contrast to the Gloria administration that has become the shame of the nation.

This also reinforces the designation by the COMELEC in the 2007 elections that the LP being the dominant opposition party in the country.

In the forthcoming 2010 elections, the LP rides on the moral high ground as the party for good governance and anti-corruption ranged against the administration and other trapos.

Incidentally, I was with Rep Erin Tanada, House LP head, here in Davao last month when he received a call from Manila about plans to file an impeachment case against the Ombudsman. So, it is not correct that this impeachment was filed as a reaction to the Ombudsman case filed last week against former Rep. Neric Acosta of Bukidnon.

Denial queen

2010 is almost in everyone’s lips these days but the Palace occupant is as usual the denial queen.

She warns that early talk of elections can cause instability. Hohum.

On the contrary, not talking about a peaceful transition in 2010 is what I would call a serious threat to democracy.

After the assumption of Senator Mar Roxas of the leadership in the Liberal Party last Monday and the centennial bash of the Nacionalista Party last night led by Senate President Manny Villar, now comes the Nationalist People’s Coalition’s annual Christmas party on December 18.

Boss Danding Cojuangco is expected to be more generous this Yuletide with his victory over the ownership of 20 percent of San Miguel Corp.

What about the administration Lakas and Kampi parties? Well, they are busy backstabbing each other. If not, they are wasting people’s money with a junket to Spain and England next week in spite of the pressing matters at home. No less than 40 administration congress members are joining GMA to Europe. Hohum!

I say oras na (it’s high time) to discuss 2010!

(6:43 a.m.)

Wanted 2010 bets

The ruling party has finally started its search for its standard bearer in 2010.

Two Metro Manila mayors, Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City and Bayani Fernando of Marikina, now the head of the Metro Manila Development Authority, are currently shortlisted.

The Lakas-NUCD is searching for one who has the following criteria:

Popularity, charisma, track record, integrity, leadership, competence and vision.

Looks to me that the seven requirements fit Liberal Senator Mar Roxas.

(5:28 a.m.)