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Time to say thank you once again to our faithful readers and visitors. Daghang salamat. Thank you very much!

Since I returned to active blogging the past month and renewed my listing in some blog directories, here’s how we fared in the Politics Category of the following:

No. 13 in the Top of Blogs

No. 3 in Blogs on Top, and

No. 3 too at the Top Blogs Philippines.

Yehey! When my blog went inactive for about a month last May, my stats went awful. Now, they have improved considerably. Congratulations everyone!

4:06 a.m.


6 Responses to “Blog rank”

  1. Blog rank : (PBS) Says:

    […] Please continue here … […]

  2. Guillermo Prat Says:

    I have to congratulate you on this Peter! One month absence but a return with a vengeance, fantastic. What I find amazing is the wide range of topics that seem to interest you! I did not know you are a golfing fan, among others. The olympic games are just around the corner, will our guys and gals bring home a gold? Will you return to your journalism roots after your term with the council expires?

  3. lenzy lavina Says:

    yey! congratulations, tito!

  4. Peter Says:

    Big thanks Chito and Len.
    The Olympics was part of my privilege speech at the city council this morning because tonight we’re holding the 14th So Kim Cheng Sports Awards. Olympian diver Shiela Mae Perez was a past awardee while her male counterpart Ryan Fabriga is this year’s Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year winner. Both are from Davao.

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